JVB Safety & Control Valves

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© 2015 JVB Safety & Control Valves | All Rights Reserved. | Privacy Policy | Website Design by Raptor Designs in association with Xenertrix

JVB Safety & Control Valves

At Safety & Control Valves, you will find Professionalism and Performance on two sides, namely the Maintenance and the Products.


  • Maintenance on all types of safety valves, Bailey Birkett, Crosby, Lesser, Bopp & Reuther,  Farris, Sarasin.
  • Maintenance on all types of control valves, Fisher, Velan & Tuksen, Hora, Peter Smith.
  • Maintenance and installation of Drehmo EMG actuators.
  • 22 KV & 18 KV Breaker Safety Valves Overhaul and Test, all soft spares in stock Products
  • The trade of Valves and Accessories, Tyco products, DLM products.
  • The trade of Drehmo EMG actuators.


We are experts on pressure testing of Safety valves and Calibration of Safety valves, Pressure Testing of any pressure vessel or cylinder. For the past Seven years we have done work for Tutuka Power Station and as we are still active in their service, we do all their pressure testings on all safety valves and pressure vessels. Duvha Power Station safety valves are also part of our scope of work and has been for the past Six years.


  • Scope of work on Tutuka and Duvha Powerstations
  • All HP & LP Heaters Safety Valves and Vessel Pressure Testing.
  • All Fuel Oil Safety Valves on Tutuka and Duvha
  • All Safety Valves and Pressure testing of the Vessel for the Deaerator and Bled steam Manifolds.
  • Reheater Safety Valves on Tutuka.
  • All Water Treatment plant and Mills Safety Valves on Tutuka.
  • We did install all Dremo actuators at Tutuka Power Station, which are currently on site, without any problem or maintenance. We also do the instrumentation side of the actuators.
  • All Fisher Control Valves on Tutuka Power Station
  • Running maintenance on Re heater  and Super heater spray-water stations


TUV introduced us to Lonmin Platinum mine in Rustenburg. We tested all 48 of their Pressure Vessels, Mixers and Transverse Pots with all Safety Valves. New Customers from 2008 includes Arnot Powerstation, Grootvlei Powerstation, Komatie Powerstation and Camden Powerstation. We do have a 5 year service contract with Camden, all Steam, Air, Fuel oil Safety valves, and Control Valves forms part of our scope.


The propane gas lines for Grootvlei Powerstation from U3 to 6 were tested by us. Grootvlei, Komati and Camden Powerstations H² systems were tested and certified by us. We have a specialised crew for onsite services with a full equipped workshop truck and will be able to handle any Pressure Testable system up to 40 MPA Pressure, Water or Air. We are also currently maintaining all compressors, safety valves and pressure vessels on Lafarge Lichtenburg, and as they are a mine they are also pressure testing all air on locomotives, and moving equipment. We were introduced to Lafarge via TUV. We are using TUV as a third party inspector.


Some of our other clients includes:

  • Nestle Standerton,
  • Toga linings Standerton,
  • Early bird farms Standerton,
  • Ritchie auto/tractors Standerton,
  • Caltex Standerton
  • Panel beaters Standerton.


Safety & Control valves offers advice and expertise to enhance productivity and safety. Our excellent after hours, weekend, public holiday, service and immediate response is our own pride. Documentation forms a part of our offer, pressure testing certificates, quality control certificates and drawing if needed. All this info will also be available in future if needed by customer.