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JVB Safety & Control Valves

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JVB Safety & Control Valves

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Our S.H.E File Index

OHS Act Sec 37 (2)

CR 3

CR 5(1) (k)

CR 5(1) (a)

OHS Act 7 (1)




CR 5(1) (b)


OHS Act Sec 37(2)

CR 4(1)

CR 5(1) (k)

CR 5(1) (j)




CR 9(1) (c)


Sec 16 (2)

GMR 2 (1)

CR 8(1)

CR 8(2)

CR 8(7)

CR 8(8)

CR 8(5)





CR 9(1)

CR 10(1) (a)

Sec 17 (1)

Sec 19 (3)

GAR 9 (2)(1)

CR 12(1)


CR 13(1) (a)

CR 14(1)

CR 16(1)

CR (17) (1)

CR 18

CR 19 (6)

CR 20 (1)

CR 21(2) (b)

CR 21(2) (g)

CR 22 (e)

CR 23(1) (j)

CR 24 (d)

CR 28 (a)

CR 29 (h)

GSR 3 (3) & (4)




CR 7(1)

CR 10(2)

CR 11(2) (a)

CR 12 (f)

CR 123(2) (h)

CR 14(2)

CR 12(11)

CR 17(2) (b)

CR 17(2) (c)

CR 17 (10)

CR 7 (8)



CR 17 (12) (c)

CR 19 (8) (c)

CR 20 (8)

CR (21)(2) (g)

CR 23 (1) (k)

CR 24 (d)








9(1) (a)




9(1) (b)

9(1) (c)




9(1) (d)

9(1) (e)


CR 7(5)




CR 7(7)



10(2) (a)

10(2) (c)

10(2) (d)

10(2) (b)




Is the agreement signed

Construction work permit

Appointment as principal contractor

Client's baseline Risk Assessment

Health & Safety Policy


Scope of work


SHE Specification


Is the agreement signed (between principal & sub contractor)

Notification of construction work to IOM

Appointment as principal contractor (or sub contractor)

Letter of good standing


Company Registration / 16 (1) Appointment / Organogram


Safe work procedures


Dedicated Employer

Competent person for machinery

Construction Manager

Assistant Construction Manager

Construction Supervisor

Construction Assistant Supervisor

Construction Safety Officer (minimum SAMTRAC or equivalent

  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • If part time what is the frequency of visits


Person for Risk Assessment Monitoring and Review plans

Person to do the Fall Protection Plan

SHE Representatives (more than 20 3mployees)

Chairman of SHE Committee (more than 2 SHE reps)

Competent perso to do investigations

Competent person for temporary works


Competent person for excavations >1metre

Competent person for demolitions

Competent person for scaffolding

Competent person for suspended platforms

Competent person for rope access work

Competent person to operate materials hoist

Competent person to operate bulk mixing plant

Competent person to inspect explosive actuated fastening tools

Competent person to issue cartridges and nails

Operators of driven machinery competent and certified

Construction vehicle / mobile plant inspector

Temporary electrical installation inspector

Competent person for stacking and storage

Competent person to inspect fire equipment

Trained first aider/s


Person designated to control the hazardous substance list


Health and safety plan

Training persons working from elevated positions

Records of inspections of structures

Records of inspections of temporary works

Records of inspection of excavation, bracing / shoring

Method statement for demolition of structures

Method statement for use of explosives

Certificate of the design for suspended platform

Operational compliance plan

Competencies of erectors, operators and daily inspections by inspector

*Physical fitness certificates by a Occupational Medical Practitioner or Occupational Health Practitioner (Annexure 3)


Training records Suspended platforms, scaffold

Inspection records of material hoist

Maintenance and repair records of bulk mixing plant

Register of cartridges, nails and studs (explosive powered tools)

Construction vehicles and mobile plant inspection

Temporary electrical installation inspection register


Chemical substances and data sheets

Certificates of competency for employees

Test certificates of competency for all equipment including lifting gear and lifting tackle


Risk Assessment (will include)

Risk Identification


Does the risk assessment take the client's risks/hazards into consideration


Risk Analysis

Risk Controls / Safe work procedures


Rating and Matrix


Monitoring Plan

Review Plan


Contractors own induction training


The training syllabus


Proof of persons attended induction course


Fall Protection Plan

A Risk Assessment

Training Programme

Planned Inspections

Process of employee medical fitness

Supervisor in possession of fall protection plan